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WhichOne is one of our great projects, we created it from the early beginning of the idea all the way to the implementation and the publishing.

WhichOne has been through three stages:

  1. Graphical chart of the different User Interfaces and the scenarios.
  2. Implementation and puslishing
  3. Marketing

During the first stage, we assisted the client to get concrete ideas, define the scope and convert it to some concrete cards that reflect what in mind.

Those cards have been converted to a concrete mockup app, using FluidUI, to get more concrete and realistic idea of how the app will be in the final stage. In this stage, the project identity was getting clearer, and a name was picked up: With.Me.

The Client was satisfied wth the result, and it was time to build the detailed UI using Photoshop.

During the second stage, “Implementation and Publishing” our task was to create a stunning app, in respect of the Photoshop version. It had to be produced on different platforms. The first main task was to decide on the technology to use, so we have made a benchmarking with pros and cons, and decided that Ionic Framework is the great coming technology to use.

Our goal at this stage was to make the app rock!

Ionic Framework has AngularJS in it’s core, so the app will have its core written with AngularJS. The design uses Javascript and CSS.

Using Adobe Extract from Adobe Cloud solution gave us a great benefit to convert Photoshop’s version to CSS rules, and get a good app UI close to photoshop version.

Voilà! the implementation is done! and we are so proud to get it!

In the final stage, we had to do some marketing. We created a landing page,  we designed the app logo, we chose a suitable slogan and then filled out Google Play forms!

Nowadays, WhichOne the new name of With.Me project is online and has been accepted on Ionic Framework Showcase. It gets more and more users everyday and we are so proud to announce that the client has prize us with a 35% of the benefit on life-time!


Ionic Framework, AngularJS, Facebook API, Google Cloud Messaging, Photoshop, Javascript, CSS, Adobe CC, Adobe Extract
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